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Highlights for Children

atozFrom A to Z
What happens after the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog? Here’s one version. [Hear this story read by the author.]

Silly Stickers Stories: Farm Tales
A sampling of Mad-Libs-style  stories,  created for fill-in-the-blank Hidden Pictures® with stickers.

In Tune
A poem about harmony, published in High Five magazine.

The Right Tools
A read-along rhyme featured in Highlights Press International’s All About Construction.


Jump Start Press/Sundance Publishing

Four 80- to 92-page middle-grade novels:Jumpstart

  1. Covering Home: After his mother remarries, a star high-school baseball catcher confronts his long-held superstitions while awaiting the birth of his new baby sister or brother
  2. Best Foot Forward : When her Air Force pilot dad is reassigned, a socially awkward teenager adjusts to the move from California to Colorado, and from surfing to snowboarding
  3. The Breakaway: Twin siblings—a boy and a girl—face cyberbullying as both try out as a “package deal” for the ice hockey team at their new high school
  4. Raising Courage: A shy teen overcomes the loss of her beloved family pet, and her fear of public speaking, by volunteering to raise a puppy that will become someone else’s service dog