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In the publishing world, every word counts.

evsymbolAs a magazine editor and writer for more than 20 years, Cheryl Solimini has worked with Child, Country Living, Family Circle, McCall’s, More, Prevention, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Working Mother and other national publications, and is also the author of five consumer self-help books. She understands what publishing professionals look for when choosing freelance writers, editors and other staffers. More importantly, she knows how to present resumes and sample materials online in an efficient, reader-friendly format that will attract an editor’s attention—and win you that freelance assignment.

Cheryl created eVitas, an online resume service, after researching other journalists’ and authors’ Web sites. She found that many sites were difficult to read or navigate, or took too long to download—huge obstacles to time-crunched editors. Yet the Internet is the perfect way for a freelancer to “mail out” a portfolio quickly and easily, with less time and money spent at the copy shop and in the post office. An online resume provides convenience and instant gratification for editors, too: They can call up clips while chatting with the prospective freelancer on the phone.

Of course, writers aren’t the only ones who need Web help; nonprofit organizations, educational centers, psychologists and other professionals use eVitas too. So, whether you are looking for a complete Web-site design (click on the samples below) or editorial guidance in producing or revising your own site, contact Cheryl at eVitas.

Be revolutionary—choose eVitas.

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